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It’s time to play matchmaker again and have a look at some potential fights for the winners and losers of UFC 208: Holm vs de Randamie. If you have any fights you’d like to see, tweet us at @mma_banter

Germaine de Randamie

De Randamie certainly had luck on her side in this fight. She started the fight against Holm off exceptionally well. She had a smart strategy to counter Holm’s aggression and was performing it with perfection, looking a class above in the opening 2 rounds. In round three Holm began to come to the party dropping de Randamie right near the close of the round, which led de Randamie to wildly swing and catch Holm belatedly after the bell with a solid right to the jaw that visibly stung her. This happened again after round 4. Why no point was deducted, I will never understand. I had Holm taking the fight 48-47 without any deductions anyway, but alas the judges didn’t agree. A theme that was very apparent on the night. My opinion aside, she is now the champ of the new featherweight division and there is only one match-up that makes sense. Step up Cyborg, the reason the division was created in the first place. I actually think it’ll make for an exciting fight. De Randomie’s range and solid counter strikes should provide some what of a test for the phenom, Cris Cyborg. But I think she should probably start polishing that belt for the new champ.  MATCH-UP: Cyborg

Holly Holm

While she may have been extremely unlucky to lose this fight, she still looks shades away from the Holly Holm we saw destroy Rousey. De Randamie exposed her weaknesses in the opening two rounds, much the way that Shevchenko did in Holm’s previous fight. If she is to rise to the top again and challenge the best in the 135 or 145 division, she definitely needs to adapt her approach. Despite calls for a rematch, it looks as though Cyborg gets the next title shot and deservedly so. Holm has two options. Stay in the fresh and relatively open featherweight division, or drop back to 135 and start the slow climb to the top again, amongst a division of killers. I think the best option for her career is definitely to remain at 145. I like a match-up with the Invicta featherweight champion Megan Anderson. The Aussie has some explosive power, but is lacking a little technique. I think it’ll be a fun clash in styles and is a genuine number one contender bout.  MATCH-UP: Megan Anderson

Anderson Silva

There were certainly a few signs of the old Silva in this fight, but he was far too passive from start to finish. He was very, very lucky to get the victory. A 30-27 score for Silva was absolutely baffling, but a 29-28 Brunson was the kindest I could find for Silva. Despite the obvious result in the octagon, he was avoided the victory outside of it and is definitely still there about’s in the division. He still has the name and provides exciting moments in every fight. The only other middleweight in the top 6 currently without a fight is Robert Whittaker, and that boy definitely deserves a big fight, with a big name to catapult himself into title contention and get the respect he deserves. So lets give him that opportunity here with Silva. It will be a great test for Whittaker’s stand up and should provide one hell of an exciting fight. MATCH-UP: Robert Whittaker

Jacare Souza

In any other division, Jacare would have earned a title shot by now. The congestion at the top of the middleweight division however, has seen him floating around the contender positions for what feels like his whole UFC career. Was it not for the split decision loss to Romero, he probably would have got it. There are really only two options left for Jacare at this point. 1) He waits it out and take on the winner of Bisping-Romero and gets the title shot he deserves. 2) He finally takes on Rockhold in a rematch and number one contender bout. Either fight does it for me, but I get the feeling Jacare doesn’t like waiting around. MATCH-UP: Luke Rockhold

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