Source: USA Today

It’s time to play matchmaker again and have a look at some potential fights for the winners and losers of UFC Fight Night: Bermudez vs Korean Zombie. If you have any fights you’d like to see, tweet us at @mma_banter

The Korean Zombie

What a come back! He got rocked early, but in true zombie fashion he took the damage and kept coming forward until he got his victory, a Brutal uppercut to finish the fight. With the victory he thrust himself directly into the featherweight limelight. There’s no doubting his next fight will be a big one and there are a few options that really stand out for me. If he’s shooting straight for relevancy at the top of the division, then Cub Swanson and Jeremy Stephens are the two guys that should be offered the fight. Both guys are super tough and aggressive. Lock them in a cage with a Korean Zombie and it’s going to be a fight of the night candidate. In terms of match-up, I think pairing Cub Swanson’s A-class boxing and speed is the match that appeals to me the most. He’ll keeping testing the Korean Zombie’s chin until either the bell rings or his lights are shut out. The other match-up I would consider would be Yair Rodriguez. It would undoubtedly be another step in the right direction for The Korean Zombies return and also provides Yair Rodriguez with the chance to claim the scalp of a legitimate top 10 UFC featherweight. I’m going to go with Cub, but any of these three fights will make me a very happy MMA fan. MATCH-UP: Cub Swanson

Felice Herrig

This was by far the most impressive of Felice Herrigs career. I think Felice has kind of been undervalued in a lot of ways. Her only significant loss was the demolition at the hands of Paige VanZant and realistically she looked very off in that fight. With a lot of her success coming with silky submissions, people (myself included) were quick to forget just how good her striking pedigree was pre-UFC. She did everything right in this fight, and taking nothing away from Felice but Grasso definitely made a lot of bad decisions. Herrig should sky-rocket into the mid level rankings with that victory and deserves a tough opponent with her next fight. I know she called out VanZant and Waterson, but I don’t like either fight. Waterson should be punching higher at this stage and I like a fight with Namajunas there. With VanZant I think it’s a bit too soon for a rematch and after her quick loss to Waterson I think they will be wanting to ease her back in with a favourable match-up and the ability to maintain her hype. With too much to lose and very little to gain, the Herring from last night would not be that favourable match-up. Felice definitely needs to back up this performance with another legitimate ranked scalp. The name that jumps out to me as a challenge and decent victory is Maryna Moroz. It should be a very fast paced and exciting fight, with the victor taking on a top 10 opponent.  MATCH-UP: Maryna Moroz

Alexa Grasso

It was a disappointing performance by Grasso to say the least. For a fighter that is known for her beautiful combinations and pressure, she did very little of either in this fight. When she finally let her hands go in round three and put the pressure on, she looked the better striker. All the talent is there and it may have just been that she needed a tough loss like this for the importance of showing up to fight, every fight, to sink in. The performance has a few people questioning her hype, much the way they did with Paige, but  despite the setback I think it’s safe to say Grasso will remain relevant for a very long time. I actually really like a fight with Paige VanZant. I think it would be incredibly interesting. I have no doubt Grasso would get the best of the striking exchanges and look far more clinical, but the relentless pressure and unpredictability of Paige would make for a very exciting fight. However there is no way the UFC puts two of its darlings in the octagon together at such a tentative times in both their careers. I think a fight with Jessica Penne who’s sitting at the low-end of the rankings and without a victory in a while, is a smart way to move Grasso forward. MATCH-UP: Jessica Penne

James Vick

Vick produced one of the most clinical and impressive performances of the night. It was also by far the best performance of his 6-1 UFC career. He did not like a shade of the fighter that got touched up convincingly by Dariush. He used his range really effectively and flashed the silky submissions whenever Trujillo’s wrestling became a factor. There are calls for him to get another ranked fighter, but I think he needs to test himself against an elite striker just on the cusp of the rankings first. I think the perfect opponent would be another fighter that has lost recently to Dariush, Rashid Magomedov. He’s an aggressive striker with experience and toughness. He’ll push through the range and give Vick a serious test. If Vick is able to pass that test, there will be no doubting he’s ready for another shot at a ranked opponent. MATCH-UP: Rashid Magomedov

Jessica Andrade

If you are offered a title fight in your new weight class after only two wins but you decline it, citing that you want one more fight to prove yourself, you damn sure better do that. Jessica Andrade certainly did that! The fight against Hill was arguably the best fight so far in 2017. Hill had a granite chin and took barrage after barrage of vicious shots from Andrade, that have felled lesser opponents. There were doubts about her cardio and whether she could maintain her relentless approach over a full fight. She just proved that she could and that title shot should now be hers. Joanna will be facing her toughest test to date with Andrade’s aggression and power. The sooner we get this fight the better.. WOW. MATCH-UP: Joanna Jedrzejczyk

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